Planning Your Birthday Party - Booking Your Disco

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Planning Your Party - Booking Your DJ

Advice for Booking Your Birthday Party Disco

Booking a DJ for your party doesn't have to be guess work or a lottery. Here are some helpful hints to point you in the right direction.

There are many different styles of DJs. To know which DJ to choose, you first need to think about what kind of party you want.

Here's a quick quiz to get you started:Have a great Birthday Party with a Mobile Disco

  1. Is it a gathering of friends and family who haven't seen each other for a long while?

    YES: Guests will be wanting to catch up and chat so music needs to be played at a conversational level to avoid guests being blasted out of the room.

  2. Will elderly guests be in attendance and likely to be seated most of the time?

    YES: Ask your DJ to provide lighting for the dance floor only to avoid guests being blinded and annoyed by lights.

  3. Will most of your guests be of a younger age group?

    YES: A DJ familiar with up to date and chart music is a must. Avoid a personality DJ that chats between tracks on the microphone. A DJ proficient with mixing would suit a younger crowd better.

  4. Will there be children attending your party?

    YES: Many DJs are very versatile and used to performing to mixed age groups. Some are able to provide dances and games for younger guests as well as entertaining the adults too.

  5. Are you concerned that your guests aren't a dancey crowd?

    YES: Some DJs offer a variety of services to ensure your guests enjoy themselves. Services available include games, quizzes, karaoke, video screens or race nights.
Enjoy your Birthday with a Great DiscoWhen you have a clear idea of what you want your party to be and the nature of your guests attending, its time to look closer at finding your ideal DJ. Don't be afraid to tell them what kind of entertainment you are looking for and ask them what they can provide. It's your party and it's important that things are done your way.

Always converse directly with the DJ that is going to be in attendance at your event. It's important that they fully understand what you envisage for the evening. will you know that your DJ isn't 10 years old and is going to turn up with a ghetto blaster? check him out and ask the right questions.......such as these......

  1. Will I get a signed copy of our agreement detailing the date times and fee?

  2. How and when will you need payment?

  3. Will you be on your own or will you be bringing the local tribe to clear up the buffet?

  4. Have you a back up plan if you meet with a disaster? (ie is he part of a network of DJs that can help him out if he has an accident or is ill)

  5. What happens if any of your equipment blows up? (A reputable DJ carries spare sound and lighting equipment for this very reason)

  6. Do you have PLI (Public Liability Insurance)? (Some venues insist on PLI of up to £10 million)

  7. Can you see comments made by any of their previous clients? (All good DJs will have a stack of these as emails, letters and cards)
Choosing the right mobile DJ for your event is essential to create a party to remember. Other tips for planning your party can be found here

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